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Your Favorite HR Partners

Russell Craigwell Consulting

Unlocking Potential, Driving Results

Did you know?

Human resources is all about relationship building at its core.

It’s true, and at Russell Craigwell Consulting, we build and sustain relationships through commitment, trust, and credibility. These qualities help us create long-lasting, genuine connections with our clients by exceeding expectations and delivering valued expertise, services, and resources for long-term success.

We offer a straightforward process for all of our clients.

Your Favorite HR Partners - Assess


Your Favorite HR Partners - Diagnose


Your Favorite HR Partners - Solve


Your Favorite HR Partners - Apply


We always meet you where you are.

We begin by working collaboratively to evaluate your unique needs and goals. From there, we take a deep-dive approach to determine the specific challenges preventing you from reaching your goals. We then create a strategic plan to overcome those challenges, and finally, we help you execute your plan to achieve the results you want and need in your career or business.

Our HR consulting team empowers you to overcome challenges, elevate your skills, and unlock your full potential to achieve unparalleled performance, no matter your current status.

Your Favorite Human Resources Partners
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Whether you are:

Your Favorite HR Partners - Entering


A young adult new to the workforce seeking clarity on your first career opportunity

Your Favorite HR Partners - Working


An employee at the mid-career level needing executive coaching to leverage your skills for the next opportunity

Your Favorite HR Partners - Transitioning


An employee experiencing a life-changing event that requires a career shift and a growth mindset

Your Favorite HR Partners - Seeking


A small to mid-size business looking to hire experts who offer solutions that increase employee engagement, morale, and overall workforce performance

Our team provides the tools, knowledge, and motivation to help you build and grow the capabilities necessary to prepare you for tomorrow - today!

Communication, Collaboration, and Performance for every level of your professional career.

We offer tangible solutions for each stage of development. Using our practices, clients experience profitable shifts and the capacity to reach optimal performance levels.

Undoubtedly, we “get” HR!  Knowledge is our premise, and application creates results - all essential components for the most influential role in future business. Latisha and Nneka operate from a cutting-edge practitioner lens framed by over 40 years of specialization in employee relations, talent management, training, and organizational development. It’s fair to say we’ve done it all. This is why we lend our expertise to action-committed organizations seeking business continuity through an engaged workforce.

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Discover what makes us different

Not only do we offer a personalized 1:1 approach for individuals and organizations, but we also supply a functional skillset in:

New Business Ventures | Global Organizations | Change Management | Organizational Design | Contract Negotiations | Labor Unions |  Performance Management | Career Coaching | HR Consulting | Talent Management | Training & Professional Development

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Our Services

Our professional team provides comprehensive HR solutions for individuals and organizations that desire a more efficient workforce. We also target individuals seeking new and better career advancement opportunities. We are multi-faceted and eager to address your workforce or personal career challenges head-on, helping you build the capabilities to prepare your future - today.

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