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Running a business is no joke – no matter the size of your company, you’re going to get to the point where you need more hands to complete the amount of work that’s coming in.


We know hiring and onboarding can be a daunting task!  If you know you need to post a role, hire for that role and ultimately onboard a new employee ... but you have no idea where to start, we got you covered! 


We've created a complete, robust, Quickstart Hiring Playbook. This playbook allows you to  move candidates of interest all the way from ‘sourced and screened’ to ‘interviewed and onboarded.’ So what's included? 


  • Plug and play templates inclusive of:
    • Skills-based job postings
    • Employee oboarding
    • Candidate communication and dispositions
  • Interviewing and selection guides
  • Sample job description
  • And so much more ...


Don't miss this offer and many other bonuses included for ONLY $247.00 for a limited time

Playbook: Quick Start To Hiring

SKU: RC1003
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